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Top-Tier Food and Beverage Processing Solutions

Prioritizing health and safety, Mangum goes above and beyond in providing top-tier, regulatory-compliant solutions for the food and beverage processing industry.

At Magnum Industrial Distributors, we understand the importance of health and safety when it comes to providing industrial products for the food and beverage industry. That’s why we make it a point to ensure we provide our customers with food and beverage processing solutions that can meet the most stringent regulatory compliance, while also maintaining FDA approval.

From food-safe solutions to corrosion-resistant, stainless-steel products to washdown-ready materials, we offer a full range of food and beverage processing solutions that will help reduce the risk of contamination, as well as decrease the amount of maintenance required for your crew.

Industrial Products that Have Been Put to the Test

In the food and beverage industry, industrial products need to be of the highest quality, as they often are put in some of the most corrosive environments. With environmental factors like high-pressure washes, high temperatures, and harsh cleaning chemicals, we know the value of having the right products that can withstand the elements.